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About Us

Evan Wilcox is the owner and founder of Patent Finance Pty Ltd. Evan is a patent attorney with 10 years experience in the patent industry, working across multiple industries and with different firms. Evan also has 2 years experience as an IP and commercialisation adviser for a state government R&D department.


Patent Finance is equipped to help you understand the technical, legal and commercial aspects of your patent, and explain its advantages and value in a manner understood by inventors, investors, collaborators, CEOs, CFOs and any other interested parties.

It is clear that the patent system lacks the tools to translate patent strength into finance and into success. Furthermore, access to finance is one of the biggest factors in innovation, especially for startups with no financial record, or young SMEs with little or no experience seeking finance assistance for further innovation.

Now is the time for IP backed financing to become accessible to everyone, to generate a new generation of invention and innovation. 

Prior to entering into the patent profession, Evan worked as an Aeronautical Engineer on the C-130 Hercules aircraft in several countries.

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