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~ Bridging the gap between Patents and Finance ~


Patent Finance Pty Ltd is an Australian independent consultancy specialising in Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy, IP Valuation, and IP Financing.

Our specialist services include:

  • Helping start-ups with a small, or without an, IP portfolio build an IP Strategy and plan a future portfolio;

  • Providing established enterprises with an existing IP portfolio expertise in refining their IP Strategy; and 

  • Commencing an IP Valuation assessment that helps in securing finance to meet your company's needs.


The IP Valuation assessment requires a review of the scope of the portfolio, an assessment of the competitive landscape, and a development of an IP Commercialisation plan, built on the knowledge that an asset value is only realised when the asset is being commercialised.

Contact Us

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Patent Finance Pty Ltd is collaborating with US based BlueIron IP, LLC in our IP Strategy and IP Valuation services.

Our Partners

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Using the developed IP Strategy and IP Valuation, we work with our partner, iFin Capital Group Pty Ltd, to seek suitable finance terms to meet your desired goal, whether that is funds to meet ongoing patent costs, capital for further R&D and IP generation or for broader business expansion, iFin Capital will be sure to help.

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Patent Finance Pty Ltd has also partnered with Aeromech Pty Ltd, who provide innovative engineering, manufacturing and professional services to the Aerospace and Defence industries.

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